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We are the cycling hub in East Sheen with café, services and on site secure bike parking.


 The perfect location from which to start, finish or meet up for your rides, 

just a quick pedal away from the glorious Richmond Park.  

But we don't just cater for cyclists - everyone is welcome.


We offer a spacious environment, easy access and great facilities

to ensure you get the best coffee and replenishments every time you head out

on two wheels, legs, rowing boats, with dogs or without. 

Come in, park your bike in the shop, enjoy coffee, cake or a savoury treat, check out what’s going on,

meet up with your mates, and get set up for another great day. 


Find out more about our extras here.

Our opening hours are here.

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[lah chee-kliss-tàh] noun, f. (Italian, Spanish): the cyclist

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