Saddle Exchange

A saddle can make or break your ride. Finding the right one for you is the difference between loving or dreading every outing...we know, we’ve been there.


We’ve set up a recycling saddle exchange from our shop to give you access to a wide range of saddles to suit your own perfectly formed bottom.

How it works

For those wanting to recycle their saddles:

Bring us any of your saddles that you no longer use. Don't be offended if your saddle is not accepted

Be delighted if it becomes part of our recycling program

Leave your details with us

If your saddle is recycled you will receive a FREE coffee and slice of cake of your choice

For those looking for a saddle:

Come into the shop and select a saddle to try out

Choose a saddle and pay £25

Go on a ride. Go on another one. Maybe one more for good measure

If the saddle is the one for you, let us know and keep it *. If it is not, try another one

If you are unable to find a suitable saddle, your £25 will be refunded

Ts & Cs

The price for participating in the saddle exchange is £25: this goes straight towards the purchase price of the saddle.


User has responsibility for the saddle until/if you return it back to us. If the saddle becomes lost, stolen or broken user is not eligible for refund of monies paid.


User will not hold La Ciclista responsible for pain, damage or injury resulting from use of saddle.


Saddle fitting policy: the saddle exchange is here for trial and error fitting. Please note that La Ciclista staff are not professional bike fitters .


* time limits apply: if saddles are not returned within a four (4) week period, they will be deemed to have been fit for purpose and no refund can be claimed

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