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Many of our customers and their guests are discovering our delightful new La Ciclista products with their nod to the joys of cycling.


Due to popular demand, we have decided to make these available for you to take home or to gift to that someone special who has also been bitten by the ‘cycling bug’.

All of our products are available to purchase in store. 

Coffee Cups

All 5 designs are available in Espresso, Flat White/Cortado and Cappuccino sizes and can be purchased in-store individually or as a set - take your pick from: 'Will ride for Cake', 'Tan Lines', 'Helmet Head', 'Too wet to ride' and the infamous 'Rule #9'.

Tan Lines
Helmet Head
Too Wet Too Ride
Will Ride For Cake

Greeting Cards

As with our coffee cups, all 5 designs are available so take your pick. 


Funny Tees

Our t-shirts are available in S and M sizes (slim fit) for women, and M and L (regular fit) for men. 

Grey t-shirts feature the infamous 'will ride for cake' doodle; navy blue feature 'will ride for coffee'.

Stock is limited, so be quick if you clamour one!


Phone Sleeves  |  Tool Pouches  |  Everything in one place Pouches

If you're after some good quality, minimalistic design and water resistant tool pouches and/or phone sleeves then look no further.

Made from recycled neoprene and produced in a local factory in Soweto, South Africa, all proceeds are ploughed back into the community. Truly a case of ethical economics and one we are proud to be associated with.


They are designed to keep all your essentials in one place so that you can enjoy every ride, regardless of which 'n+1' bike you opt to use!

Come visit us and check out these pouches for yourself: they really are superb.

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