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La Ciclista Clubhouse

La Ciclista Clubhouse is the cycling hub and meeting place for all the nomads on two wheels.

Our ethos is simple and straightforward: why wait outside to meet your mates when you can take advantage of a gorgeous venue, secure bike parking and the most excellent coffee and cake - and more - before heading off to your destination for the day?

We have many cycling clubs who use La Ciclista as their virtual clubhouse. As such we are in a great position to recommend the perfect match if you are looking for mates to ride with, regardless of your ability.

One of the owners is regularly on hand in the shop holding 'cycling surgeries' to this effect: whether you want to know which club might best suit your needs, to where to have your bike serviced, from whom to contact about a bike fit, to which bike rental options exist in the vicinity, or even favourite destinations for cycling and providers of services. We have a myriad of fantastic contacts and are always happy to give impartial advice and guidance.


All you have to do is ask!

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