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Bike Fitting

If you have a road bike already, a bike fit can make the difference between feeling like you’re cycling through treacle or having the proverbial rocket propulsion carrying you up the hills.

Even seasoned riders benefit from regular bike fits – and will confirm as much - as habits form along the way and it takes a proper expert to point them out and correct them for the better.

We have partnered with a couple of very experienced, seasoned and thoroughly professional people to deliver customised bike fits on our premises, using the best know-how and technology.

We have a dedicated studio at La Ciclista where these take place, all you need to do is come in and book up a suitable time.

Trust us, this is the best investment you will make in your cycling career!

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Ricky Davis of is a certified CycleFit bike fitter.

He helps people understand how the body can limit their position on a bike and cause pain, weakness and dysfunction. Ricky understands the importance of achieving optimal performance and has a special interest in lower limb biomechanics.

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Foundation Fit

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Wei-Ho Ng of is a Torke certified bike fitter.

His aim is to find bike fit solutions that really work, but also educate his clients as much as possible, so they can ride away with more knowledge, confidence and empowered to manage their bike positions as they develop. 


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