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About Us

Sabina and Cynthia were the co-founders of La Ciclista.

They met through cycling and over many kilometres - fuelled by plenty of coffee and cake - realised that whilst there is a wealth of cycling-related paraphernalia available online, on the high street, and in bike shops, there was no dedicated hub in the immediate Richmond Park area for cyclists to congregate and meet with like-minded individuals.

And so La Ciclista was born in September 2019.

Fast forward to March 2021 and a new partner joined the fray: enter Jeremy, fondly known as JC.

Cynthia stepped back from any involvement with the day-to-day business in January 2022.

We are all former motorcyclists-turned-cyclists (JC still rides a scooter, we make allowances for such things), live locally and share international backgrounds and a huge love for the great outdoors.


We do the ‘coffee, cake, and go’, but we also offer a lot more.

Come and visit and be part of this incredible growing community.